Your presentation should be 5-10 min long. You can (but does not have to) include props, costumes, food, games, demonstrations, computer presentations, or visual aids. It’s up to you, use your imagination! If you do not see your name here, you have either not signed up for a date or you have not signed up for a topic and a date. Please go to this link and use the google sheet to sign up.

Sept 9Braxton WardWeapons
Heather WalkerWitches, Fairies, and things that go bump in the night
Sept 16Lincoln SwanWhat the heck is a fork? Food and Dining Customs
Sept 23Dylan HenryMyths, Legends and Mysteries
Jed StanfillThe King James Bible
Sept 30Claire McVeyWar of the Roses
Katelynn EdgecombHouse of Tudor
Oct 7Jenna BoyleOff with his head! Unemployment, Crime & Punishment
WillThe Life of Queen Elizabeth
Sobe StubbsThe Ruling Class
Oct 21Owen HodgesNatural Order and Social Position
Shandiin YesslithTheatre and acting in the 16th century
Oct 28Connor WalkerDeath, Burial & Ghosts
Josh SilvaReligion of the Times
Julianne BarneyAll in a day’s work – Professions of the time
Nov 4Ivan SwanWho’s Who in the Arts
Shawn WalkerThe Four Humors
Andrew BrueningMysticism and Animals
Nov 11Simon BuckGod Religion and Superstition
Zoe StanfillWhat did people wear?
John PerkeyRoles of the Sexes
Nov18Esther HunsakerThe Geography of England
Olivia BrueningWho gets an Education? What and Why?