It’s a race! Here are the rules: we’re racing to 17 points, which will make you a King or Queen in the Shakespeare Kingdom.

  1. 1 point per play that you read, watch or listen to.
  2. You can listen to and watch the same play or read and listen to the same play for two points (subtitles don’t count).
  3. All versions of the plays you read, watch or listen to need to be in the original language and unabridged.
  4. The race begins after class on the first day of ASA (Sept 2).
  5. High King or High Queen: The first one to get 17 points (honor system) is the .
  6. Emperor or Empress: After completing 37 plays (not points) our new Emperor or Empress will declare a Feast Day (Pizza Party in class!)
  7. This can be done at any point in the school year.

The Running so far…


High King – John Perkey

King/Queen(17)Prince/Princess(12) Duke/Duchess(8)Marques/Machioness(7)Count/Countess(6)Baron/Baroness(5)Knight(4) Magistrate(3)Guildsman(2)Commoner(1)Undeclared(0)
Lincoln SwanIvan SwanAndrew BrueningBraxton WardZoe StanfillSimon BuckBob HodgesOlivia BrueningKatelynn Edgecomb
Jenna BoyleEsther HunsakerJed StanfillClaire McVeyDylan HenryJoshua Silva
Julianne BarneyClarie McVeyShandiin YesslithWill Stubbs
Sobe Stubbs
Heather Walker
Connor Walker
Shawn Walker